Ampex AG 440B



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                Ampex AG 440B
Tape Width and channels             

1/4 inch tape -- 2 channels max  1/2 inch tape -- 4 channels max


Reel size                                      5 inch, 7 inch, 10 1/5 inch, EIA ir NAB. can accept 11 1/2 inch ccir reel with adaptors. (turntable reel switches provide correct tension for large or small reel hubs)



100,000 ohms unbalanced, convertable to 20,000 ohms balanced, with supplied bridging transformer. Accepts line levels from -17 dBm, to produce recommended operating level.



600 ohms balanced or unbalanced, with nominal output levels of +4 dBm or +8 dBm



Automatically switched by transport speed selector.



All Solid-state. Plug in printed circut boards for record, reproduce, and bias amplifiers. Built in Sel Sync **(Selective syncronization) circut. Power suply ~and~bias oscillator.

Overall Frequency Response           15ips NAB: +- 2dB, 30 Hz to 18000 Hz
                                                     7 1/2 ips: +- 2dB, 50 Hz to 7500 Hz


Signal to Noise Ratio                     

 Measured from peak record level (6dB above Ampex operating level) to unweighted noise; while erasing a 500 Hz signal record at peak record level, with a filter to attenuate noise outise the audio spectrum.


Bias Oscillator and Power supply    

Nominal bias/erase frequency 150,000 Hz



Tape Lifting                                    

Tape automatically lifts from heads in fast forward or rewind modes. (Manual  or electronic override                available durring local control; electronic override on remote control.


Even order Distortion                      

Second Harmonic distortion of a 500 HZ signal, recorded at peak level , is less thatn 0.2%


Flutter and wow                             

Measuring all wavelengths from 0.5 Hz to 200 Hz according to asa z57.1-1954

At 15 ips:    Maximum 0.08% rms
7 1/2 ips:    Maximum 0.1% rms
3 3/4 ips:    Maximum 0.15% rms


Start time:                                      

attains speed in 0.1 second; stable tape motion within 3.5 seconds (motion within Flutter and Wow Specifications


Tape Resomended                          

Specifications are based on the use of Ampex Series 404, Low Noise Tape (or Equivilant)


Speed accuracy                              

Within +- 0.2%


Rewind Time                                    

1 minute aprox for 2400 foot NAB reel.


Electronic overload Margin                

Record Amplifier:

record level (Before clipping) is 28 deB or more above normal operating level. Distortion is less that 1%, up to the clip level.


 Reproduce amplifier:

output level (before clipping) is +28 dBm, with is +20 dB above normal operating level.


Operating controls:                           

Input and output level rotary controls.

                                                       Record selector: safe; ready; and Sel Sync Positions
                                                       Output and Meter Selector: Reproduce, input, and Bias Positions
                                                        Toggle Switches: Power, Tape Speed, and Reel (2)
                                                        Mode Control Pushbuttons: Play, fast Forward, Rewind, Record, Stop, and Edit (edit modes available are stop/edit, play/edit, and fastwinding/edit. All modes except stop/edit and play/edit can be remotely controlled.)


Power Requirements                         

105-125 vac, 60 Hz (50 Hz system available)



Power Consumption                          

 Systems          Amps (Aprox)


1 channel         2.3


 2 channel         2.5


 3 channel         2.7


 4 channel         2.9





Ampex AG 440B Reel to Reel Recorder/reproducer, two track Master. With Spare face plate, Wired remote and origional Manual.

the AG 440 is a very quiet tape transport usable with 1/4 inch and 1/2 inch tape. It has a solid state plug in module. Up to 2 channels can be used on 1/4" tape and up to 4 channels on 1/2" tape.

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