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                                                      AV RECEIVERS


THX Ultra2® Surround Receiver. XM™ Ready THX Ultra2® Certified. 140 Watts x 7 - All Discrete Amplifier Stages THX Surround EX® Processing Dolby Digital EX®, Pro Logic IIx® (Movie/Music/Game) DTS 96/24, ES® (Discrete6.1/Matrix 6.1), Neo:6 (Cinema/Music) SRS Circle Surround II® (Cinema/Music/Mono)


SR-8500 THX

 Select Surround Receiver.7x 125 Watts, THX certification, high power, and our unique M.R.A.C. circuitry combine for outstanding A/V performance, DVI Switching, Toroidal Transformer, Copper Plated Chassis, HDCD Decoder.



 THX Select Surround Receiver. 105 Watts x 7 Channels THX Select Certified, M.R.A.C (Marantz Room Accoustic Calibration), Video Up-conversion with TBC, Speaker A/B Switching, Multi Speaker "C" output, Direct IR Flasher Inputs



 Dolby Digital EXR/DTS ESR Surround Receiver.7x 90 watts, Simple Set-up Menu and new Cursor Controlled Advanced Menu, 7 Channels of Discrete Amplification (SA ready - Current Feedback), Video Up/Down Conversion, 32bit DSP with 192 kHz/24-bit D/A converters for all channels



Dolby Digital EX®/DTS ES® Surround Receiver. 7 x 80 Watts (8 ohms) All Discrete Amplifier Stages, Dolby ProLogic IIx/ DTS 96/24, 32-Bit DSP, 192kHz/24Bit Audio DACs, HDCD Decoder


                                                    STEREO RECEIVERS

SR- 4320

AV Receiver 2x80w (8ohm) Stereo Receiver with A/V switching capabilities, All Discrete Amplifier Section, AM/FM Tuner With Frequency Direct Access, 30 Presets and Station , 7 Analog Inputs (1 phono, 3 Audio and 3 Video)


                                                     INTEGRATED AMPLIFIERS


 Integrated Amplifier 2x30w (8 ohm), Tone Controls, D.Bus link and system remote control, Two pairs of speaker outputs, Symmetric circuit architecture.



Integrated Amplifier 2x95w (8 ohm) 25W/ch by Class A Operation, Dual Mono Block Power Amp. Section, HDAM® Output Circuit, MM Phono Input


                                                                       .ZONE CONTROL AMPLIFIERS


 6x60w multizone Amplifier, Identical Amplifier Stages for All Channels, Matrix Audio Switcher, 3 Independent Zone/Room Outputs with All Discrete Control Commands, Major Keypads Compatible


                                                                     .POWER AMPLIFIERS


THX Ultra certified Mono Block Power Amplifier 125w The MA6100’s compact size and operational features make it ideally suited to ultra-performance home theater and stereo systems, custom installation applications, or for adding more amplifier channels to an existing system.


.                                              DVD PLAYERS

Universal SACD,DVD Player. Compatibility with virtually all of today’s digital video and audio disc formats makes the DV9500 a true universal disc player



 Universal SACD,DVD Player The DV8400 is a THX Select certified “universal” DVD player, capable of playing SACD and DVD-Audio formats, CD, CDR, DVD-Video, DVD-R and many others as well.



Universal SACD,DVD Player Compatibility with virtually all of today's digital video and audio disc formats, plays DVD-A, DVD-V, DVD-R/RW, SACD and CD-R/RW discs, even WMA and MP3 files.

MARANTZ DV-4500 DVD Player The DV4500 features progressive scan component video output with true 3:2 and 2:2 pulldown detection and advanced digital video processing circuitry for DVD-Video discs


.                                                   SACD PLAYERS

SACD Player. The SA8260 features Multi/Two-Channel SACD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW Playback to accommodate both the latter and next-generation audio (SACD) formats


.                                                   CD PLAYERS

CD Player plays CD-R and CD-RW discs and displays CD-Text information such as artist name, and track titles.



CD Player. The CD-7300 is developed to provide excellent music reproduction and a wide range of functionality. The CD transport mechanism enables CD and CD-R/RW, even non finalised discs, and MP3 music files playability.


.                                                   MULTI CD PLAYERS


Multi CD Player, CD, CD-R/RW Playback, Random and Repeat Modes, Exchange 4 discs while a 5th Disc is playing, 1-Bit 8 Times Oversampling DACs, Dedicated “Changer” Mechanism



AM/FM Tuner Offers FM Stereo and MW reception for access to major frequencies, High-sensitivity front end and quartz-locked digital tuning ensure drift-free reception and low-noise signal processing, Preset memory allows instant recall of up to 30 favourite stations on each waveband.



AM/FM Tuner, The Marantz ST-6000 provides exceptional tuner performance with outstanding audio quality that complements the finest audio systems.


.                                                  CASSETTE DECKS


Double Cassette Deck. The Auto-reverse twin-deck design allows continuous play and record from one loaded tape to another. Profiled combination heads and anti-resonant front panel ensure faithful reproduction with wide dynamic range and minimal wow and flutter

                                           Vintage Temple Music










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